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invade the dark

Gritty and Clean Records is dope music. It is the Nonprofit creative arm of Gritty and Clean Ministries that exists to be a mobile performing, preaching and teaching force, for and with Jesus.  Joshua's desire is to develop a squad of spirit filled emcees and singers whose heart is to write ill letters of hope to God's people and the world, in a spirit of power, love and a sound mind.  
Ministering artists that create music under Gritty and Clean's covering will be paid staff of the ministry.  Often today, artists are struggling and often compromising their faith, family, and artistic inclinations in order to find success financially.  Through Gritty and Clean, artists will be able to relax and create the music they want to make, and still have their bills paid and family taken care of.  Gritty and Clean will pay all of the costs associated with album production, and will pay the artists a salary determined by the board of directors.  Gritty and Clean believes God for abundant provision through donations and fund raising efforts.    

Standards of excellence are high for artists that desire to minister through music under Gritty and Clean Records.  Our focus is real hip hop music and soul, so if you're a true lyricist or poet and a talented singer or emcee, and love Jesus, hit us up to find out more.

If you'd like to give towards the ministry vision, your donation will be tax deductible. We truly appreciate the love as our desire is to continue to bless people with dope music that rocks ears and souls. 
God Bless you with life and life more abundantly.