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Gritty and Clean

Updated: May 30

I'ma bring it gritty, but keep it real clean. I'ma put my pain up on a guillotine, kill it, na'mean? On my life, I'm writing from a saved state of mind. Wouldn't cry if I didn't put my healer in a rhyme.

You're dealing with pain? So have I. You write or rhyme about your pain to relate to the world so they can feel you and you can relate to them? So have I. We've heard you, they've heard you, and most importantly, God's heard you. He's also healed you, and we all need to hear that too.

A lot of artists or preachers or writers or just real folk that are doing hard jobs, have shared their anguish with the world. They've shared their darkest of days and bore their souls. Write now though, pun intended, I'm specifically addressing Christians. Being a real hip hop head, and an emcee myself, I listen to hip hop lyrics. I've heard very well known rappers that are Christians, or Christian rappers, that have expressed their own stories of gripping pain. The thought is, show them our pain, be transparent, so we can be relatable. My thing is, that's dope, but we need to show them our healer as well. Don't follow? Follow...

We cannot merely relate to the world. We cannot merely draw the world in. We have to proclaim our healing as well as our pain. Why is it that I hear you talking about your pain, on every single album you drop, or sermon you preach, but I never hear you talking about your healing? Is it because you've been introduced to Jesus our forgiver but not Jesus our healer? If so, then my brother or sister, I pray for revelation in your life. However, if it's because you are satisfied with finding commonplace with the world, I exhort you to boldness. I urge you to hold your light up in the dark, and let it finally truly shine. Go ahead and show them your scars, because they need to hear that you've been through. But make sure you show them your healer, because your healer took those stripes for you.

One Love,


Isaiah 53:5

But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.


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