• JD

The Greatest Listener

Updated: May 30

The intertwined image of mine, is a vision that lives a minimal life

And by minimal, I don't mean small, I mean it's the humility in it all

Often it is she...or I...or he, that keeps the rhythm after it's told

Can't make the being cold, when they're being bold, meaning the road.

Walk and listen and talk and live, the fashion of the hearers who do

Mess with you? True? Never. I'd be embarrassed to react clever, when I've severed...

A listener's ear from the meat, back to the milk, come play retreat

But that's just weak, he didn't mean fall - down - to - the - ground- - now, when He said meek

So get up, set up against the 'reverence' that appears and ghosts

Being reverent when we boast is like enacting the ego to lead those folks

We leave those broke, and be those that see those quotes of scripture and whisper...

LIFE...that's the sword of life that we recite and pour into mics, the scores of life!

The sorcerer is approaching to scorch the ones that just forget...

That the greatest listener is the one who gets it on Sunday, and on Monday, kept it.



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